As we age, our skin also ages and loses its youthful vitality. Many people are self-concious that their wrinkles and lines age them prematurely, making them appear tired and less attractive. With dermal fillers you can help rejuvenate your skin, reducing and in many cases smoothing out wrinkles completely, recapturing a younger looking you.

If you are concerned by the lines and wrinkles on your face or your skin has lost volume and elasticity, making you look older than you actually are, you may consider Dermal Fillers. The treatment can turn back the clock and give your skin a more wrinkle free looking appearance, bringing back a refreshed looking you.

People from all over the world entrust their skin to the careful hands of our Doctors, not only because of their professional expertise, but because they put  clients needs first. We understand that you aren’t looking to completely change how you look, simply looking for a way to counteract the ageing process and feel confident again in your appearance. As a respected member of the aesthetics community, our Clinical Lead, Dr Parekh will help you achieve the results you want.

Dermal fillers are made of various kinds of natural and man-made or synthetic materials that have been developed over a number of years for injection into the skin. They help to restore our skin to its former youthful appearance, by injecting into areas where the skin needs to be plumped up again to make it look firmer.

Dermal fillers are produced in different levels of effectiveness. In general, the thicker the product, the deeper it is injected into the dermal layer of the skin helping to plump out deeper lines and wrinkles, such as nose to mouth lines, to build cheek contours and augment the lips. These deeper fillers are also used to fill scars and other facial blemishes.

Dermal fillers are injected into the dermal layer of your skin to plump out lines and wrinkles around the mouth, cheeks, chin and lips firming these areas and smoothing out any folds, lines and wrinkles around the area.

Dermal fillers comprise of a clear natural gel which is administered using very fine needles. The gel is made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body, and is therefore completely safe to use.

There may be some slight redness after treatment, this is normal and should only last a few hours. Medical make-up can be applied so you can return to your daily activities without concern.

The results are instantly visible and generally last 12 – 18 months, sometimes longer and require no maintenance. If, in the meantime, you feel that you need further treatment or enhancement, Dr Parekh will consult with you on additional options that will complement the initial treatment.

By restoring the volume lost through the ageing process, dermal fillers create natural, beautiful looking skin through results that are subtle, yet instantly noticeable. The treatment is a long lasting and low maintenance way of looking and feeling beautiful.

During your consultation, Dr Parekh will explain the treatment in detail and discuss any concerns you may have. A full medical history is taken to ensure that the procedure can be carried out. Dr Parekh always puts ethics first and insists your treatment be as safe and comfortable as possible. He will describe in detail the procedure, the results you will achieve during the treatment and any subsequent future enhancements that can be made.

Whilst dermal fillers are medically safe the treatment may not be able to be given to certain patients. Patients with a reaction to the pre-treatment collagen skin test; who have a serious allergy history; or are allergic to lidocaine (a local anaesthetic) may not be able to have the treatment. Treatment is sometimes postponed for patients with active inflammatory skin conditions or with infections. For clients taking warfarin, clopidogrel, aspirin and high doses of vitamin C or omega 3 these may need to be stopped one week prior to the appointment.

Understanding how and why our faces age and how this can be corrected is an important part of the consultation, Dr Parekh’s will discuss this in thorough detail with every client during the assessment.

Dermal fillers are used successfully for correcting nose to mouth lines, restoring volume to cheeks, enhancing lips, treating tear troughs and in non-surgical jaw reduction. They are also used in facial sculpting and nose realignment.

They are also used to fill out scars, giving skin a subtle, augmented effect that brings back your skin’s smooth appearance.

Dermal fillers can also be used in combination with botox to treat the areas of the face that are the most susceptible to ageing, these include the jaw, jowl and cheeks, giving a fuller facial lift with wonderful results.

Prices for Dermal Fillers are dependant upon the type and amount of products used. Book in for a non-obligatory consultation with one of our Doctors to discuss your treatment goals and obtain an exact price.

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