Avanti Aesthetics prides itself on a philosophy that sets itself apart from other clinics

Both the Avanti Aesthetics Clinic and Training Academy were established in 2012 by Dr Rikin Parekh B.D.S, a leading practitioner of facial aesthetics, both in the UK and internationally.

Whether it is slight beautification or more advanced treatment that is required, our Doctors are here to guide you with advice and their expert opinion.

Known for our ethical approach, Avanti Aesthetics will always put the patient first and never aim to sell treatments that they don’t want or need. We believe in educating patients, guiding them for the long term, and keeping them looking fresh and rejuvenated.

At the Avanti Aesthetics clinic we take a longer-term view of the treatments we recommend and the ageing process as a whole. We take into consideration our client’s concerns, individual requirements, life-style and desired results.

Everyone ages, this is a simple fact. Our role is to help you slow down the ageing process through natural results. We ensure our clients look as good as they possibly can, at any age, naturally, not artificially and will not recommend or carry out a treatment that does not achieve this result.

We offer our clients a professional, personal service across all areas of non-surgical facial aesthetics. This includes anti-ageing, specialist skin care and other more specific treatments.

Consultations at Avanti Aesthetics follow a very specific format. Our clients attend an appointment at our Harley Street clinic for a detailed consultation where we discuss any concerns, together with the results you want to achieve.

We get to know you and your skin by carrying out a full assessment of your skin quality and what can be done to improve it. We discuss any signs of ageing, including volume loss and other key signs. We then explore together the treatments that are suitable for you.

Once a possible course of treatment has been identified, a thorough medical history is taken to ensure that any treatments offered can be administered safely. Treatments may be carried out at the time of the consultation, or scheduled for a later date. Our Doctors will explain in detail how and where the treatments will be administered and the results this will bring.

The Avanti Aesthetics philosophy is to always achieve the most natural results possible.

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